Groundbreaking Laboratory Hub to Launch in Calgary

Biohubx launches to provide space, community and resources for life science companies in Calgary.

Soon, innovators from biomedical, nutraceutical, human performance and other health verticals will be flocking to the province, growing their companies and founding new ones. Health ventures Syantra, TapLabs, and NanoTess are just a few of the promising new players at the growth phase of their company. Like early stage startups, they too need an ecosystem to join forces with that will help accelerate that growth. That’s where our partnership with BiohubX comes in.

BioHubX is the next stage of innovation ecosystem development, extending support to help growing health ventures manufacture and commercialize their innovations. The physical and virtual spaces will provide networking, resources, equipment and funding opportunities.

Thin Air Labs serves as their ecosystem studio partner, complementing BiohubX’s scientific expertise, commercialization expertise and specialized lab spaces with capital, venture impact services and community connections.

"BiohubX will help cement Alberta as Canada’s medical innovation centre, turning health startups into successful enterprises. " --- Crystal Phillips, Health Lead

BiohubX will help cement Alberta as Canada’s medical innovation centre, turning health startups into successful enterprises. To understand why that’s so important, we have to understand how we got to where we are.

Alberta has a long and impressive history of health innovation through universities at the critical academic and medical research stages, primarily funded by the government and the charitable sector. However, Alberta has work to do on accelerating that world-class research and development out of academia and into the marketplace.

Researchers and innovators have faced significant challenges in raising capital, accessing business expertise and finding a community where they can thrive. As a result, health innovators have really only had these options:

a. remain in academia

b. leave the health industry

c. move away from Alberta to scale their company  

d. start their company in Alberta and risk scaling slowly

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yes, what an opportunity!  Our economy is shifting, the COVID-19 pandemic is putting the spotlight on the health sector, innovation and talent is bursting at the seams of our universities and incubator resources are established. The many pieces it takes to make an ecosystem thrive are forming.

The time to accelerate health innovation into human impact is now, actually it’s this week!  

We welcome you to join us for the public launch event this Thursday, May 27th from 10 - 11am MT.  Event registration here.

Together, we can fuel Alberta's economic diversification, keeping investment dollars and human capital right here at home to create more of that meaningful impact we are always driving toward.

Hope to see you there!

At Thin Air Labs Health, we’re an active innovation ecosystem player. While adhering to the principles of great science, we will ignite venture growth with capital, community connections and services to #BuildAHealthierNext for all of us.

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