Angel Investments

Our Managing Partner, James Lochrie, invested in these companies as an angel investor. These investments informed the Thin Air Labs investment thesis and have raised significant follow-on capital.

Informing Thin Air Labs' investment thesis.

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Our Investment Thesis

  • Founders First. Founders are uniquely capable of influencing the success of their business. We build long-term relationships and partner their expertise with ours.

  • Invest At the Earliest Stages. To generate 100x returns we invest early when most investors deem ventures too risky. We help founders gain traction and follow institutional investors in later rounds.

  • Human Impact Equals ROI and IOI. We believe, the larger and more meaningful the human impact of the investment, the greater the probability of outsized ROI and IOI (Impact on Investment).

A portrait of managing partner of Thin Air Labs, James Lochrie

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