Igniting venture growth for the greatest human impact.

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A new type of venture builder

Thin Air Labs is an ecosystem studio. We fund and support many early-stage ventures and critical ecosystem partners so more ventures can thrive in the innovation ecosystem. We surround ventures with Capital, Venture Impact Services and Community Networks to propel and de-risk innovation.

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Connection to Capital


We help founders access the fuel they need to accelerate growth and innovation. We are currently raising the Thin Air Fund 1 to invest directly in early-stage innovation and technology ventures. We also have a Funding Catalyst team that works with founders to unlock non-dilutive funding and other sources of capital. 


Venture Impact Services

We believe founders need more than just money to help them scale. Our Venture Impact Services team of go-to-market experts helps founders overcome barriers and build capability so they can scale quickly and efficiently now and into the future.

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Community Innovation


Our team of catalysts and amplifiers connects entrepreneurs with a high-quality innovation network that fosters collaboration, attracts talent and drives innovation in the ecosystem. We support founders with access to space and create partnerships with enterprise solution providers, government innovation programs and media.


We're preparing for what's next by finding new ways, not just new things.


Disruption in its many forms is altering economies and the way we understand our planet. We need a new way forward that is not just about new things, but new ways of identifying and building ventures for a regenerative economy.