We are founders, thought leaders, change makers, company builders, mentors and advisors on a mission to de-risk disruptive change, re-imagine our future, and accelerate our community. We are as comfortable in the boardroom as we are in the crucible of product design, financial structuring, organizational change, and company crafting.


Our Team

Thin Air was founded by three serial entrepreneurs and change-makers. Our collective experience as innovators, technologists and investors helps us design solutions to big problems and build regenerative, high-impact ventures around key ecosystems.

Our Process

We work with best-in-class entrepreneurs to anchor their ventures in core verticals and design ecosystems around them. With methodical ecosystem designs at the core, our model is proven and can be applied to cities and industries that move the needle.

Our Mission

To create the future we desperately need by focusing on stimulating core economic drivers that empower the communities around them to bring self-sustaining ecosystems to life.