Founded to Help Create Paths to Healthier Lives

The Health System is fraught with complexity, technical language, hierarchy, bureaucracy, siloed thinking and resource allocation. It lacks a common language, spirit of entrepreneurship, team and courage. Thin Air Health was founded to help transform how the convergence of capital, communities and ideas can lead to healthier lives.


We Understand Risk

Health Innovation is complex and it intersects with a public system that is fraught with challenges and barriers. Timeframes are long and risk can be extended across many years.

Respect of the Scientific Method

The journey of discovery and advancement in research and development is founded on the scientific method. Trial and error and following the data is essential. We respect and adhere to the principles of great science. 

We're Unconventional  

We are not health care providers, researchers, PhD’s or scientists. We are entrepreneurs who understand complex adaptive systems and economic ecosystem. We believe that the Health system needs not to be broken and rebuilt, be rather be set free to iterate, experiment and unlock. We always think from an entrepreneurial perspective to deliver system change and massive opportunity 

Nurturing a Positive Environment

The health system wears even the most optimistic participant over time. By taking the long view, by being supportive and true to our purpose, we know we can create an environment where even the most difficult of results can be regenerative and positive. We will change the world of health innovation through positive human contributions and actions.


Build what’s next with us

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