Zero to Seed

Building a startup from an idea to the seed stage: the content series that will help.

You’ve gotta know, right out of the gate, that building a business is really hard. If it was easy, more people would be doing it.

That’s why we’re launching a content series called Zero to Seed, where we’ll break down the steps of the entrepreneur’s journey, provide simple resources, helpful videos and much more to ensure founders give their gift to the world.

In this series we’ll explore:

Starting your Startup - Getting your Idea Off the Ground

  • It’s consuming -  what to expect and how to cope
  • It’s a commitment - plan for a 5-10 year journey and execute in sprints
  • Building your Team - how to think about co-founders and early hires

Ideation and Conception  

  • A lesson in early assumptions and validation
  • The Experimental Mindset - modern venture development is most effective when executed from a experimental mindset (thesis, experiment, results, repeat)
  • Designing your Business Model

Getting Going

  • Learn lean - build a thin slice MVP, test with your customer, and learn what to build next
  • Validation to Value - Validate enough to secure more funding to validate the next stages
  • Pitch Perfect - the art of the pitch

Right Resources, Right time

  • Incubators, Accelerators, Venture Studios, Communities - who can help you scale
  • Boost your Bootstraps - how non-dilutive funding can help
  • Thin Air Labs Impact Services -  we help early stage ventures overcome common obstacles and get them investment ready, help them secure capital and accelerate their growth

Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting blogs, videos and more that dive deeper into the topics above. Stay tuned to our social channels or connect with us, if the suspense is too much!

Also, let us know what you want to know. What’s keeping you up at night? What are your biggest barriers to growth? We encourage you to leave questions in the comments on our posts. We’ll incorporate the answers you need in the upcoming content in a fun, engaging and impactful way so you can continue to #BuildWhatsNext.

Build what's next with us