Your Brain on Art

Why Thin Air Labs is supporting the Branch Out Neurological Foundation in their mission to fund emerging neuroscience

by our Head of Story, Leah Sarich (March 2021)

Depression. Anxiety. Concussion. ADHD. MS.

These are just a few of the conditions so familiar to many of us that involve the brain.

Our Health Sector Lead Crystal Phillips knows a little about this. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 16 years ago. That diagnosis and subsequent treatment revealed gaps in the healthcare system that Crystal was determined to fix. And so, she founded the Branch Out Neurological Foundation.

Here we are a decade later. Branch Out has raised over three million dollars, Crystal has moved to a board position and now is working with us at Thin Air Labs. Crystal has expanded her work to get science out of the lab and into the community, where it can have the most impact.

At Thin Air Labs we talk about impact all the time by supporting our ventures creating massive human impact on a global scale.

But we like to think about impact in our community too. That’s one of the reasons why we are a Diamond Sponsor of this year’s Your Brain on Art…. the annual fundraiser for the Branch Out Neurological Foundation. YBOA is a virtual event that pairs local artists with researchers to explore brain science with art.

Crystal says funding emerging neuroscience helps her remain optimistic that the future can look a lot different than it does now.

“Hope and inspiration are the main ingredients that get me through the challenges of living with multiple sclerosis, an unpredictable and degenerative neurological condition.

Adding art to neuroscience is rocket fuel to moving the science out of the research lab and into the community, providing these same ingredients, hope and inspiration to others affected by neurological disorders.”

“They are not followers, they look for alternatives from the norm and they take risks at the earliest of stages with researchers who want to have meaningful impact." ---Managing/Capital Partner, James Lochrie

Along with supporting Crystal, our Managing/Capital Partner James Lochrie likes that Branch Out Neurological Foundation actively looks for researchers exploring ideas outside of the box.

“They are not followers, they look for alternatives from the norm and they take risks at the earliest of stages with researchers who want to have meaningful impact.”

As Crystal’s colleague and friend I’m delighted to help out as Host of the event. I’ve been reflecting on how neuroscience research can affect each and every one of us. From the child with ADHD to the athlete with a concussion, from a mom with postpartum depression to a grandpa with dementia, the research being funded can have life-changing implications.

So we invite you to join us virtually, to celebrate local artists exploring neuroscience through their art and to support scientists daring to imagine new areas of research with the potential to create that massive human impact that is our north star.

Thin Air Labs is proud to continue its support of the Branch Out Neurological Foundation. We hope you will too.

Find out more about Your Brain on Art here.

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