The Impact of $30M

We've helped Founders secure more than $30M in grant funding. Founders tell us about the impact this funding has had on their company's growth.

We’re celebrating a major milestone! 

We are proud to announce that our Funding Catalyst team has helped startups and scaleups across North America secure more than $30 million in non-dilutive funding. That’s a lot of successful grant applications! And a lot of stress relief for founders and their teams. This is our north star. We built this service because founders need this funding, but are too busy to access it. We focus on founders and ensure they get the support they need so their companies can get to the next stage of growth. 

Hear from some of these founders in their own words about the impact of obtaining this type of funding. 

“The grants we've received have supported Fillip's growth and innovation. They allowed us to bring on team members to drive our growth and customer success forward. Grants have also supported the development of a game-changing fraud detection technology as well as the pilot testing of this technology with a strategic partner. This is a testament to the power of targeted financial support in elevating a business' impact and reach.” 

— Alice Reimer, CEO, Fillip 

“The Funding Catalyst team helped us distill our product and service, communicated it super clearly and allowed us to build what we wanted to build and deliver value to our users while accessing resources we didn’t have the capacity to apply for, and they just added horsepower to our team. The timing was critical for us, actually I would say there was a chance we would not be here today if it wasn’t for the timing and the execution of what they did for us. It was perfect.” 

— Robert Irwin, Co-founder and CEO, Village Wellth 

“The team at Thin Air successfully assisted our company in securing nearly $2M in non dilutive funding, which has been a game-changer for our startup by providing crucial financial support. This funding allowed us to pursue our vision, fuel our growth, invest in innovation, and navigate the early stages of our business with confidence.”

— Jana Rieger, Co-founder and CEO, True Angle 

This is the kind of impact we will continue to create for founders across North America. In 2024, our Funding Catalyst team will be adding team members and expanding this service so we can help even more companies find the right kind of funding for their capital strategy. It’s just one of the ways we, at Thin Air Labs, are helping founders #BuildWhatsNext. 

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