The Founder Mindset Podcast

We're doing a podcast! This six episode series is called The Founder Mindset or "Why Would You Do This?" Host is our Head of Story, Leah Sarich. Produced in partnership with OCIF, the podcast will explore what it's REALLY like to be a founder and #BuildWhatsNext. 

When I began meeting the founders in the Calgary innovation ecosystem I was completely blown away. I was and continue to be amazed by how these entrepreneurs champion their vision, seize the opportunity in front of them and think big, REALLY BIG.

I was a broadcaster for over 20 years, I don't have a background in business. So, this podcast it not going to be about business models and product market fit. It's going to be about the founders, why they do what they do and how they keep going.

In this series hear from founders like:

  • Alice Reimer, CEO of Fillip
  • Alex Todorovic, CEO of Arbor
  • Nicole Janssen, Co-CEO of AltaML

and more!

Find out what keeps these entrepreneurs going when the sh*t hits the fan. Hear their stories of resilience, of the highs and lows, of the way they plan to change the world and create meaningful human impact.

Truthfully, after meeting these founders, I wondered why hadn't I interviewed these visionaries, these gritty business builders before? Why hadn't any of my colleagues in media done so either? These are stories that need to be told, these are founders that should celebrated as we move forward as a city and province, as we look to diversify our economy and #BuildWhatsNext. 

I'm still trying to understand "why they do this?" but I can tell you, we should all be very glad they are.

The trailer is out now, wherever you get your podcasts. Please subscribe so you never miss an episode. And share these remarkable stories!

Thank you again to Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund for sponsoring this podcast. Know of a founder that should be featured in the next series? Is it you? Connect with me.

Build what's next with us