Meet the Product Traction Team

Did you know we have an awesome team of Product, Design and Engineering talent? In this post, we introduce you to the Product Traction team. Hear from them in their own words in these short videos.

At Thin Air Labs, we know it takes more than just capital to grow a company. That's why we have venture services designed to support startups and scaleups across North America as they scale. One of these services is called Product Traction.

We built a Product Traction team to help businesses grow with product strategy, design and software development support. Our experienced team of venture builders, can work independently or seamlessly integrate into teams to ensure a company overcomes obstacles and gets to the next stage of growth.

Meet the team in these short videos

The Thin Air Labs Product Traction team provides strategic product, design and development services for companies of all sizes, with a specific focus on team extensions where they seamlessly integrate into an existing team. Whether they are deployed as a team extension or as an independent unit, they always work with a Founder-First Mindset to ensure their clients receive the support they need.

To learn more about our Product Traction service, go here.

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