Katie Underwood on the CollisionsYYC podcast

Product Manager Katie Underwood talks to Tyler Chisholm on the CollisionsYYC podcast about how product traction can help your startup or scaleup grow. 

"We help startups grow. We work with ventures ...on being able to identify who your ideal customer is for your current stage of growth, because your very early adopter customers are not necessarily the same people that you are going to be building and selling to in a year from now, in five years from now..." --- Katie Underwood, Product Manager & Product Traction Lead

In this episode of Current & Critical, our Product Traction Lead and Product Manager Katie Underwood talks to host, Tyler Chisholm, about what product traction is, how it's essential for ventures to understand their customer's needs and the momentum she's seeing in the Alberta innovation ecosystem.

Listen to the episode here.

For more information on Katie Underwood's team, what they do and how they help startups and scaleups grow, go here.

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