Included By Design Product Traction Testimonial

Sean Crump, CEO of Included by Design, shares his vision to make the world more accessible to all and how the Product Traction team helped him strategize the build out of IBD's first product Krooshl.

Included by Design is a comprehensive accessibility consulting service. Krooshl is IBD's first product. It's a digital platform designed to connect certified accessible businesses with the people who need them. For customers with disabilities, Krooshl ensures the venue they plan to visit can accommodate all their needs and those of their friends and family. For businesses, once they're certified accessible according to international accessibility standards, they're added to the Krooshl map.

Hear more from Sean Crump, CEO of Included By Design, about the vision for Krooshl and how the Product Traction team made certain they spent their money efficiently as they pursued software development.

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