Funding Catalyst Dr. Katie Greene on the How It's Med Podcast

Funding Catalyst Dr. Katie Greene chats with How it's Med for the Med Tech Talks podcast. 

In this 2 part podcast, Dr. Katie Greene outlines her academic journey from Ireland to Canada, from undergrad to PhD, from biochemistry to venture capital. She offers insight into the similarities between research and startups and how iteration is essential.

Part 1

Part 2

Timestamps Part 1 

00:57-01:44 - An introduction to Ph.D. by Dr. Katie Greene.

01:45-04:25 - From Ireland to Alberta, Katie’s academic journey: in her own words.

04:26-06:26 - Big pharma and academic research aren’t really isolated from each other, and Katie explains how.

06:27-10:18 - Working with people from different backgrounds, and how Katie bridged the gap between them and herself.

10:19-13:30 - Moving to Canada, and making the choice to pursue a doctorate at University of Calgary.

13:30-15:36 - Katie sheds light on what UofC offered in their research programs during her time there.

15:36-17:36 - Innovation v. Invention; Katie explains the difference between the two, and how she dealt with both at UofC.

17:36-22:20 - Changing her mindset about entrepreneurship, and how her research played a role in it.

22:20-28:19 - The final step towards where she is today; Katie’s shift from research to working at a VC firm.

Timestamps Part 2

01:37-05:35 - Katie sheds some light on Ph.D. students leaving academia and going into business, and her own experience doing so.

05:36-08:43 - The essential skills a researcher must have to make it in VC.

08:43-12:36 - Katie tells us about what she enjoys most working at a VC firm.

12:36-14:29 - Explaining VC to a five year old, with an Apple.

14:29-17:33 - Overcoming failures and meeting challenges head-on; how Katie adjusted to the VC world.

17:34-19:56 - Making the decision to work at Thin Air Labs.

19:56-22:40 - Katie highlights the importance of empathy at Thin Air Labs, and how it is essential to their decision making.

22:41-25:41 - The latest trends in med-tech and biotech that Katie has her eyes on, and the general direction the whole field is now taking.

25:41-28:27 - Playing the balancing act around regulatory framework with the start-ups that Thin Air Labs helps in acquiring funding.

28:27-29:30 - What would Katie tell her younger self, if she had the chance to do so?

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