Crystal Phillips Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal

Our Health Lead and Head of Experience Crystal Phillips is awarded the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal for her service to Alberta. 

It is with great pride that we announce our Health Lead and Head of Experience, Crystal Phillips, has been awarded the distinguished Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee medal for her service to Alberta. The Medal honours those who have reflected the same dedication to the service of community and country as Her Late Majesty.

Crystal works tirelessly to support health innovation in the province as the Co-founder of Branch Out Neurological Foundation and with Thin Air Labs. With her team at Branch Out, she has raised millions for neurological research in universities across Canada with the goal of bringing non-pharmaceutical and technology solutions for neurological disorders to commercialization. At Thin Air Labs, Crystal works with the Capital team to raise capital and accelerate venture growth, particularly in the life sciences, to create meaningful human value at scale.

Leveraging her networks and ability to build trusted partnerships, Crystal has been instrumental in supporting the growth of innovative health companies in Alberta. She has ensured more life science companies receive investment dollars and support allowing them to grow right here in the province.  She has educated investors about the opportunities in the health sector and the scientific validation and specific type of due diligence required with these types of investments.

Currently, half of the companies in the Thin Air Labs Fund I portfolio are in the healthcare sector. These ventures will be at the forefront of the future of healthcare and will contribute to the economic diversification of the province as they create jobs and attract and retain talent.

Crystal is also an active board member and leader in the health sector. She sits on the board of Tactile Orthopaedics, a Calgary company that has developed a device that allows surgeons to train for surgeries, anywhere. She provides mentorship, marketing and sales advice and facilitates community connections for the team.

Crystal also contributed to the development and launch of Biohubx in 2021, and is now on its Leadership Committee. Biohubx is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting health innovation by offering mentorship, resources and space for scaling health companies.

Crystal’s passion, leadership and drive to accelerate the life science industry in Alberta is unwavering because her mission is also personal. Crystal has been living and thriving with multiple sclerosis for over a decade without the use of pharmaceuticals. Her journey through the health care system has revealed numerous gaps she is determined to fill and continues to fuel her desire to effect the change that is needed.

Crystal Phillips’ significant efforts to accelerate the growth of life science companies and health innovation in Alberta have resulted in more health companies receiving investment, support, mentorship and space to scale. The overall impact of Crystal’s dedication means more health companies are staying in Alberta, moving to Alberta, creating jobs, putting our province on the global stage, attracting and retaining talent and inevitably producing meaningful human value.

And with Branch Out Neurological Foundation, Crystal’s charity continues to support neuroscience research in Alberta, and across Canada. This innovative research has the potential to become commercialized, non-pharmaceutical or technological solutions to the over 600 brain disorders that affect Canadians… conditions like depression, anxiety, dementia, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, concussion and more.

We are so proud that she is being recognized for her efforts, passion and drive to #BuildAHealthierNext for all of us.

Our thanks to Alberta Enterprise Group for nominating Crystal for this prestigious recognition.

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