Crystal Phillips on the How It's Med Podcast

Our Health Lead and Head of Experience, Crystal Phillips, chats with How It's Med for the Med Tech Talks podcast. 

In this two part podcast, Crystal explains how her grit, passion and competitive spirit have served her well as an Olympic hopeful in speed skating, a thriving MS patient, founder of the Branch Out Neurological Foundation and entrepreneur and investor with Thin Air Labs.

Part 1

Part 2

Timestamps Part 1

00:52-03:52 - Crystal’s initial days as a speed skater.

03:52-08:52 - Being diagnosed with MS and giving up speed skating for the time being.

08:52-12:39 - Taking an alternative route towards recovery, and almost making it to the 2010 Olympics.

12:40-14:32 - Drawing the curtains on her skating career, and starting Branch Out Foundation.

14:32-18:33 - Crystal elaborates on the path that Branch Out took, going more towards research rather than pharmacology, and the hardships that they have come across.

Timestamps Part 2

01:27-06:00 - Crystal’s career trajectory at Branch Out, and how she ventured into her role at Thin Air Labs.

06:02-08:27 - Crystal explains how Thin Air Labs functions as a Venture Capital firm.

08:27-10:43 - The characteristics of an impactful company, and how they are parallel to the qualities that Crystal elaborates are also required to be a high performance athlete.

10:43-12:30 - How her personal experience with MS helps Crystal make informed decisions in her role at Thin Air Labs.

12:30-14:21 - Jumping through bureaucratic hoops, and navigating her way through to make meaningful change.

14:22-18:23 - Crystal reminisces about the high points of her time at Branch Out and Thin Air, and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

18:23-20:41 - What’s next for Crystal at Thin Air, and her goal to focus more on health-tech.

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