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Clinify accepts a $1M USD investment from Thin Air Labs Fund I.

Michael Omidele built Clinify, a medical data platform designed for Africa’s healthcare system, because he knew first hand how essential digital medical records are to improving patient outcomes.

Michael lost a close family member as a result of a medical records mix up in his home country of Nigeria. This loss fueled Michael’s desire to create a solution. And Michael’s background in healthcare gave him the confidence and expertise to turn this desire into a viable business.

The story of Clinify starts with Michael’s arrival in Calgary in 2010 after his father sold everything to get his family to Canada from Nigeria. It was here in Calgary, after obtaining a computer network engineering degree, that Michael applied his knowledge in the healthcare sector. Working for IBM, he led the setup of all the networking for Calgary’s newest hospital, the South Health Campus. He then worked for Alberta Health Services playing a key role in the implementation of the world’s largest electronic medical records system, Epic, into the provincial health care system.

This understanding of data and networks allowed Michael to dream big.

“Data is the smartest way to effect real change. Using data to drive health care efficiency is the best way to improve patient outcomes.” ---Michael Omidele, Founder & CEO, Clinify

“Data is the smartest way to effect real change,” explains Michael. ”Using data to drive health care efficiency is the best way to improve patient outcomes.”

He also felt a responsibility to use what he learned to improve healthcare in his home country of Nigeria and expand it to all of Africa. And now Michael was motivated by his personal loss. He wasn’t going to stop until he built a platform that would revolutionize patient care on the continent.

“It is my calling to get this idea out to a continent that would benefit so much from it,” says Michael. “It’s beyond me. I can’t quit.”

And so, Michael built Clinify. This platform is designed to be a one-stop-shop connecting all the actors in the system from healthcare providers like hospitals, clinics, laboratories, radiology centres and pharmacies to health insurance companies, patients to physicians. Essentially, Clinify is a centralized platform that ensures the advancement of healthcare delivery for the entire continent of Africa.

Clinify offers a complete range of solutions from EMRs, to billing, insurance, telehealth and more. And it’s a customizable solution.

Michael’s mission is to digitally centralize health records and make healthcare services easily accessible to everyone. And the ultimate vision is to leverage technology and data-driven insight to enable healthcare delivery for Africa’s 1.4 billion people.

And Clinify is well positioned to do so. More than 10 HMOs, 130 providers and 12 thousand patients are already using the platform in Africa. And Michael is laser-focused on expansion.

“It is my calling to get this idea out to a continent that would benefit so much from it. It’s beyond me. I can’t quit.” ---Michael Omidele, Founder & CEO, Clinify

Currently healthcare in Africa is based on the model of one thousand physicians for every 10 thousand patients. There simply aren’t enough doctors staying in the country. Michael hopes Clinify will change that ratio to 1 to 1 with the telehealth solution that’s part of the platform. And he hopes that with more providers using EMRs there will be fewer mistakes, and fewer fatal errors, like the one that took his beloved family member.

Thin Air Labs is delighted to announce that Clinify has accepted an investment of $1 million USD from Thin Air Labs Fund I. This investment is part of Clinify’s $1.5 million USD investment led by Thin Air Labs Fund I, with participation from HaloHealth and other strategic angel investors.

We can’t wait to see the meaningful human impact Clinify will have in Africa and the investment return that will follow.  

About Clinify

Clinify is Africa’s only interoperable centralized healthcare systems aggregator, driving operational efficiency in healthcare systems through automated processes.

Clinify recognizes the importance of a centralized platform in the advancement of healthcare delivery. This is why they are strategically positioned in between Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Healthcare Providers to provide claims verification, processing, and payment services.

About Thin Air Labs Fund I

Thin Air Labs Fund I creates human value by helping early-stage startups scale globally. We invest in pre-seed and seed ventures based in Calgary, the Prairies and Canada. We are sector agnostic and passionate about supporting founders as they #BuildWhatsNext.  

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HaloHealth is a physician angel investment group that provides specialty matched advisory, key connections, and investment in disruptive healthcare ventures.

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