Andrew Browne on the CollisionsYYC podcast

Partner and Funding Catalyst Lead Andrew Browne talks to Tyler Chisholm on the CollisionsYYC podcast about helping founders find funding. 

"I like to say we're in the business of helping founders win by helping them to secure the capital they need and helping them grow and scale as fast as they can." --- Andrew Browne, Partner and Funding Catalyst Lead

In this episode of the Current and Critical podcast, Andrew Browne talks to host Tyler Chisholm about how Thin Air Labs exists to support founders growing globally competitive companies right here in Alberta. He explains how Thin Air believes supporting startups requires more than just capital. Andrew outlines how our Startup Services, Funding Catalyst and Product Traction work. Andrew talks about how the Funding Catalyst service helps founders find the right kind of funding they need at the right time, and he talks about the Product Traction service which helps ventures with business growth, software development and design. Andrew and Tyler also get excited about the momentum they're seeing in Alberta's innovation ecosystem!

Listen to the full episode here.

If you'd like learn more about what Andrew and the Funding Catalyst team do to help startups grow, go here.

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