How Provision Got Ahead With Improved Processes & Decision Capabilities

Product Traction

November 3, 2022


Provision Analytics is a software company that uses simple digital forms to automate food safety and advance quality control. The company's platform allows asset traceability and transparency through deep data analysis and compares the outputs for anomalies, missing information,trends, and inconsistencies, transforming food data into intelligence that improves trust in the food chain.


The Provision team had successfully completed all the heavy lifting work of developing their unique product, powerful data engine and the UI but the team was running into challenges related to ongoing product planning, road-mapping, work prioritization, and execution. More specifically, they needed help identifying where to apply effort, achieve internal alignment and deliver against product optimizations with the highest potential revenue outcomes to service a rapidly growing customer base.


Provision Analytics chose Thin Air Labs Product Traction Services because of our experience helping founders implement alignment strategies to overcome product planning and execution challenges.Through a communicative, iterative approach we engaged leadership and cross-functional teams and focused on key outcomes to overcome these barriers:

  1. Identified and implemented process changes, fine-tuned communication workflows, clarified the decision-making process and implemented structured feedback loops to improve productivity.
  2. Optimized the company’s product planning function by listing and quantifying all outcomes associated with the various customer segments and then validating with sales, providing Provision with a robust qualitative and quantitative customer lens.
  3. Improved business modelling and product development prioritization by connecting customer outcomes with revenue potential prior to developing new product features.
  4. Conducted an organizational audit to improve resource alignment, improve autonomy and decision-making amongst teams and guide talent development and recruitment.
  5. Provided mentoring and coaching on everything from running meetings to parsing sales insights to make better product decisions to sequencing development sprints.
  6. Helped hire a Senior Product Leader who has taken over the improvements made to date.


Our team of product experts helped Provision Analytics focus on the most critical business needs and build key capabilities that the team can leverage going forward. Execution is now moving faster with greater inter-team confidence, there is less workplace confusion around who is doing what. Perhaps most importantly, the Product Traction team road-mapped business priorities against outcomes with the highest revenue opportunity, providing product planning and the CEO with a high degree of confidence in the path forward. Provision is now actively pursuing Series A investment, repeating what they've learned and now eyeing expansion into new customer markets with refined, targeted Sales & Product discovery.

“The Product Traction team helped us overcome critical customer, process and product development challenges, allowing us to make more informed product and business decisions going forward” - Erik Westblom, CEO

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