How Knack Found the Right Inflection Points in Their User Experience

Growth Practice

April 5, 2023

Founded in 2010, Knack eliminates business blindspots and improves operational excellence by connecting client data, teams, and customers. From helping their clients manage complex training programs to replacing spreadsheets, Knack helps their customers streamline communication, manage their data and ultimately save time running their business. One of the main areas of opportunity for Knack was that while they had data about their user behaviour, it was difficult to understand if they had the right data, what data they might be missing and how they might understand when a client is getting value out of their product.

Thin Air’s Product Growth team met with Knack to understand their key problems and how we might be able to help them utilize their user behavioural data more.


While Knack is great at unlocking the power of data for their clients, they needed help in finding the right inflection points in the user journey. With so much variance in how both clients and users get value out of Knack, it was important to hone in on some of the core value props such as being add to add records and create custom apps on the fly. Since clients have a 14 day trial, it allowed us to be more specific around time to value and further, hone in on triggers for customer churn. As is typical with B2B2C companies, the data is complex and it was important to be clear not only on different user groups but deeply understand how customer and client relationships are represented in the data.


Since customers have a 14 day trial, it allowed us to be more specific around time to value and further, hone in on triggers for customer churn. Thin Air worked collaboratively with Knack to level-up their Mixpanel instance and fill in some of the gaps in their data. Further, Thin Air trained the Knack team on how to get the most out of Mixpanel by helping them create meaningful cohorts and applying them to the Dashboards and chats we made for them. From there we were able to understand the actions, frequency of those actions and ideal timeframes that lead clients to get the most value out of the product. This gave Knack a more specific journey to lead customers through and worked to align the teams around the same goals.


Our work with Knack lead not only to aligning the team around the same data but also giving them the knowledge they needed to make better product and strategy decisions. Knowing which cohorts to focus on and which areas of the business unlock the most value for clients allowed Knack to be more pragmatic in where they were spending their time and efforts. Further, we were able to set the stage for beginning an A/B testing process. Ultimately through deep knowledge of Product-Led Growth and the ability to get specific on their data, Thin Air was able to save Knack countless hours of analysis and time aligning so that their team could be more focussed in where their spent their time and gave them the fodder they needed to start making more aggressive positive business impact.

‍A word from Knack:

“Working with Thin Air Labs has been a fantastic experience. The professionalism, expertise, and dedication of your consultants, particularly Casey, have truly transformed our data analytics capabilities, positioning us for future success. We highly recommend Thin Air Labs to other organizations looking to optimize their data tooling and business intelligence processes.” - Kara Peabody, Product Manager

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