How True Angle Executed Their Commercialization Strategy With NDF

Funding Catalyst

February 8, 2023

UPDATE: This Case Study was originally published in 2021. Since then, the Funding Catalyst team has continued to partner with True Angle and has helped them to secure more than $1.8M in non-dilutive funding from various sources.


True Angle is an Edmonton-based healthcare company developing health technologies that empower patients to control their wellbeing. True Angle has developed the Mobili-T Swallowing System that can deliver clinician monitored, custom exercises directly to patients that they can complete on their own time wherever they like. This system allows patients with dysphagia to complete exercises that have been shown to target theirs wallowing function effectively without the need for daily trips to the clinic


True Angle has been previously successful in acquiring non-dilutive capital and private capital to support its venture growth. The company wanted to expand the capacity of its team and to go after specific non-dilutive capital to help accelerate its go-to-market strategy. However the founders did not have the time to research the hundreds of additional funding programs out there, nor did they want to be distracted from the critical work of building their business.


The Funding Catalyst Team worked with True Angle to identify where they are at in their venture journey and what their road map looks like for the next 12 months. After discussions with CEO Jana Rieger and her team, we helped them to identify which grants and subsidies to target based on their specific needs. Over the last couple of months, we have worked with the True Angle team to strategize on the design of projects that get them to the next step of their venture growth. We then paired these projects with appropriate sources of non-dilutive capital and executed applications for these grants.


The Funding Catalyst Team has successfully acquired critical funding to support the onboarding of a talented Head of Business Development who will be key in bringing their Mobili-T to market. Additionally, we have helped True Angle to acquire $150,000 to support a large partnership that will help to establish a huge distribution and co-commercialization partner for True Angle. As we continue our work with True Angle, we are focusing our efforts on funding to support their next stage of growth and expansion of their team.

“Working with the Funding Catalyst Team has been incredibly efficient and has taken the time burden of preparing grant applications largely off our plates. In a short time, we have already been successful in bringing in $225,000 worth of non-dilutive funding.” - Dr. Jana Reiger, CEO, True Angle

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