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We grow and support a diverse ecosystem of ventures for What's Next. 

Regenerative economies prioritize social and environmental goals as much as fiscal ones. They are composed of future-fit ventures and transformed organizations thriving in sector ecosystems that attract more talent, capital and resources that can be reinvested back into the economic ecosystem overall. We believe this regenerative economy is the way of the future.

Creating Thriving Regenerative Economies

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We identify ventures that will thrive in the regenerative economy, producing both impact and return on investment.

We strategically inject Design, Community and Capital into these ventures and their sector ecosystems to help them scale.

A Future-Fit Venture
Selection Process


Our Design team is composed of global design thinking experts and critical thinkers as well as world-class product designers and developers. Startups and established organizations leverage our design and systems thinking to fast-track venture growth and imagine new ideas for old problems.


Thin Air Community is a team of catalysts and amplifiers that connect people with ideas to solutions within our sector ecosystems. We create environments that build trust, foster collaboration, attract talent and drive innovation.


We are raising significant capital to invest in early-stage, entrepreneur-led technology ventures who are developing enterprise-level products and want to scale globally. We are disrupting the traditional venture model.  ​In the Thin Air regenerative capital model, the ‘picking winners’ approach is replaced by an "ecosystem up" strategy. By investing at both the venture and ecosystem level, we de-risk the innovation process generating financial returns and meaningful impact on investment.

The combination of Design, Community and Capital accelerates and amplifies a ventures’ success, reducing risk for both the investor and venture. Investing in ecosystems allows more ventures to be successful, resilient and adaptable to global shifts that benefit more people and the planet. This strategy reduces the unacceptably high failure rate of ventures in a traditional portfolio. 


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