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Changing the Story Around Talent Development

Thin Air Talent looks at education through a new lens.  We’re partnering with InceptionU where people learn essential competencies to help them live, learn and work in a whole new way. Our students learn to think critically, collaborate, communicate and problem solve while they adopt new skills in technology that will prepare them for the changing workforce.

Ready for the Future

Our InceptionU graduates are ready to work for the organizations of the new economy. They’re agile and responsive to change, they’re curious about creative solutions to big problems and they’re prepared to contribute meaningfully to a better future for all.

Impact for All

Thin Air Talent believes when organizations are equipped with thoughtful, creative and resilient people, these companies will become more adaptable and generate new economic activity and growth. These types of companies will lead to the birth of a regenerative economy that will benefit the community, the country and the planet.

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