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Supporting early-stage venture growth

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As experienced entrepreneurs, we know building a venture is hard work. Our services are designed to help. We remove barriers, set outcomes and immediately start working with you to build traction and advance your early-stage venture from idea to impact. 


Connection to Capital

  • We are currently raising the Thin Air Fund 1 to invest in early-stage innovation and technology ventures. 

  • Our Funding Catalyst team works with founders to unlock non-dilutive funding through grant writing and other sources. 

Thin Air Labs helps founders access the fuel they need to fund growth and innovation through direct investment or access to other capital sources. 


Venture Impact Services

Our in-market Impact Services team is composed of global design thinking and go-to-market experts as well as world-class product designers and developers. Startups and enterprise organizations leverage our suite of Impact Services to execute the current vision, assess product-market fit, gain traction, shape future states and build organizational capabilities.


Community Networks 

Thin Air Community is a team of catalysts and amplifiers that connects entrepreneurs with a high-quality innovation ecosystem network to advance venture growth. We support founders with incubator and accelerator programming, access to tailored spaces, talent acquisition and development, and building partnerships with enterprise, government and media. These ecosystems build trust, foster collaboration, attract talent and drive innovation.