Team Spotlight - Rosemary Sanchez

By our Head of Story, Leah Sarich (July 2021)

Rosemary Sanchez is our Software Development Lead on the Impact Services team. But we didn’t spend that much time talking about software or technology. She’s a people person and a passionate team builder.

“I like getting to know people as people,’ says Rosemary, “having one-on-ones with my devs, it’s not just a project status update, it’s like how are you doing? How was your weekend?”

Rosemary comes to Thin Air Labs from Benevity, where she worked for six years first as a front end developer, then a Scrum Master, People Leader and finally a Manager. Before her time at Benevity, Rosemary worked in various marketing website development roles. Rosemary even has some venture experience of her own. She was a co-founder of a startup she started with her marketing agency colleagues.

What drew her to Thin Air Labs was our mission to ignite venture growth for greater human impact. The ecosystem studio model aligned nicely with where Rosemary wanted to take her career and her vision for tech in Alberta.

“Hearing about Thin Air Labs and how they’re doing good in the world, creating impact not just in one company but in many companies, and then the work Thin Air is doing to develop a thriving innovation ecosystem that will attract talent to support all these amazing ideas coming to life…. I thought, ‘this is the next chapter of my career.’ “

"Being a leader in that diversity space, I really want to promote that." --- Rosemary Sanchez, Software Development Lead

Rosemary was also drawn to Thin Air Labs because of our commitment to diversity.

“I also like working with people who value supporting female founders, over half of the founders in the Thin Air Labs portfolio are female. Being a leader in that diversity space, I really want to promote that. Even beyond work, with diversity in a person's culture, religion, or gender experience we can really look at what it means to create human impact. I wanted to work for a company where that alignment with my values exists.”

And she believes diversity is what is needed to grow a healthy tech ecosystem in Calgary.

“I want to create a thriving tech scene, I want to change the perception of the kinds of jobs you can get in Calgary. Diversity is what is needed to attract people to the city and to keep young people here. With more tech ventures here, they’ll attract the next generation of talent, and help them to stay here so they don’t have to go down to Silicon Valley. This adds even more meaning to why I like doing this work.”

Rosemary’s team supports the Product Traction service which is designed to help ventures overcome common barriers to growth.

“It’s about putting everyone’s different talents to use, “ says Rosemary. “Having a diverse team with product, user experience, engineering and technology backgrounds all coming together to execute on services, in partnership with the founders we support, is what will make ventures successful. We’ll hit the outcomes as a team.”

And with more ventures hitting their outcomes, we’ll create that meaningful impact one successful venture at a time. It’s an essential part of #BuildingWhatsNext, the next wave of globally competitive companies from right here in the Prairies.


Read more about the Product Traction service in our blog.

Or to contact the Product Traction team directly go here.

And if you’re interested in joining Rosemary on the software development team, we have an opening for a Software Developer in Calgary.

In the meantime, something you may not know about Rosemary:

“I love art and creative thinking. I like cooking, pottery, calligraphy and painting with acrylics and watercolours. Letting go is essential for me, it’s the counterbalance for me to be really good at work.”