Team Spotlight - Lauren Gruchy

by our Head of Story, Leah Sarich (April 2021)

Lauren Gruchy is our Chief of Staff. And the bottom line is we’d be lost without her.

She supports all of us in so many ways so we can support venture growth and #BuildWhatsNext.

Our Chief Operating Officer Rick Bird, who worked with Lauren at a previous fintech company where she was Chief of Staff, reached out to Lauren about this small Calgary company with a big vision.

A lunch meeting in Toronto with our Managing/Capital Partner, James Lochrie, quickly piqued her interest.

“Within ten minutes of having lunch with James, I knew I wanted to work with him,” says Lauren. It was the idea of igniting venture growth not just for investment return, but also to create massive human impact.

“What drew me to Thin Air Labs in the first place, and what keeps me there, is the impact.” --- Lauren Gruchy, Chief of Staff

Lauren wears many hats in her role. She supports the Capital Team and James in his fundraising efforts for the Thin Air Fund 1, she’s part of the Thin Air Talent Team and is involved in interviewing and hiring. Lauren also supports the team with Administration, Events, IT, Internal Communications, Office Management and much more.

“I never know what I’m going to be working on each day. I live for figuring out how to get things to the finish line in the most efficient way possible,” says Lauren. “I love finding a way through the chaos.”

And we’re so grateful she does.


If you’re interested in joining the Thin Air Labs team, keep an eye on our Careers page!