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Thin Air Capital

We are a Capital Company 


We are disrupting the traditional venture model, which uses a portfolio approach that sees a successful distribution of many failures, some solid success, and a very rare home run.  This model rewards the investors but can leave damage in its wake as the timeline and success criteria are fundamentally artificial. 


A New Way of Funding Ventures 

In the Thin Air regenerative capital model, the ‘picking winners’ approach is replaced by an "ecosystem up" strategy – we invest in the “soil” of specific clusters, creating opportunities for new ventures to launch and thrive and a steady stream of quality ventures we can deploy capital into to help scale. We invest in individual companies, the infrastructure in the spaces between, and in the people building these teams. By taking an ecosystem up approach, we create self-sustainable and regenerative ecosystems that have an impact beyond the financial returns.

Invest with Us 
Our team is in the early stages of structuring funding strategies which allow us to execute our ecosystem-up investment strategy. We anticipate opening a formal round of funding to accelerate the development of active clusters and begin design work on others. If you're an investor interested in learning more, or an entrepreneurial-minded fund manager interested in joining our team, submit the form below and we'll get back to you.