Funding Catalyst

Unlocking early capital 

We know founders don’t have time to research the hundreds of funding programs out there, nor do they want to be distracted from the critical work of building their business. So, we designed the Funding Catalyst service to help. We take the time to deeply understand a founder's vision for their venture, then we matchmake that venture with the appropriate non-dilutive funding program. This service improves the founder’s odds of securing funding that fits within the context of their overall financing strategy.


Total non-dilutive funds secured for startups.

Our approach


We ensure a founder doesn’t have to shift from vision and growth to access a funding program by doing the work for them:

  • We identify the right funding program from the over 1200 different funding programs available for innovation-based startups and innovation-based companies in Canada

  • We help the founder compile all the documents they need

  • Then we tell the story of what they’re trying to do with a narrative that government audiences can relate to and understand

" probably takes 20 hours off a founders plate, and that’s 20 hours the founder just doesn’t have."


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