Curriculum Description

The Leadership Lab is a highly experiential, deep dive into your inner game of leadership, while actively supporting your outer game results. The program spirals participants around and through modules and themes that create a deepening integration into lasting change and the development of resilient, flexible, authentic leadership capacity.

As such, a linear description of the program curriculum does not work well in describing The Leadership Lab! 

Here are the major themes addressed in the program. 

This is Life

We bring detailed awareness to the reactive vs creative mindset that we all move between, your own particular triggers and patterns, and your capacity for quickly shifting between mindsets as the circumstances of life occur. We will delve into your behaviours, beliefs and results, exploring the interactions between these elements and heightening your ability to be at far greater choice with all three.

 This is Leadership

Our unique take on the distinctions of leadership – the roles inherent within the leadership role and the inner capacities that need to be developed in order to effectively lead organizations and the people who make up those organizations. With a particular emphasis on the inner game, you will assess, understand, grow and develop your own leadership capacity.

 Breakthrough Communication

Life consists of constant conversation – with groups, with individuals, with the world and with yourself. You will experience a detailed deconstruction of the structure of a conversation and the elements that give it power, connection and outstanding results. Apply this to communication for conflict, feedback, appreciation, enrollment and self-discovery.

 An Integrated Six Months

Using our Game Method as an accountability tool, you will move between the in-person workshop elements of this program and apply the tools, skills, new awareness and new behaviours to your everyday work life as an integral and supported part of the program. With group calls, laser coaching, and weekly focus exercises we weave learning, practicing and integrating into every moment of this 6-month journey